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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at MDW
Airframes 1-15 of 15 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
N1992B.727‑231844813126/03/1965RNTAmerican AL  Scrapped ( at MDW)Scrapped at MDW31/05/2017    
N9031UB.737‑222190697524/09/1968BFIUnited AL  Destroyed (nr at MDW)Destroyed at MDW08/12/1972   
N605NWDC‑9‑324722330028/03/1968LGBNorthwest AL ex I‑DIBM @ AlitaliaDestroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW31/01/2008   
N7404Viscount 74490 14/07/1955BOHCapital AL  Destroyed ((fuselage shipped to Bournemouth and reused for assembly of c/n 301) at MDW)Destroyed at MDW20/02/1956   
N7101CL.1049G‑82‑110/114/1444582 19/09/1955BURTrans World AL  Destroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW29/02/1960   
N102RL.1049H/01‑034824   BURCalifornia Eastern Avn   Destroyed ((lst TWA) at MDW)Destroyed at MDW24/11/1959   
N102RL.1049H/01‑03/064824   BURTrans World AL leased from Resort ALDestroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW24/11/1959   
N86511L.049‑46‑262035   18/12/1945BURTrans World AL  Destroyed (Clarendon Hills at MDW)Destroyed at MDW01/09/1961converted L.049-51-26  
NC95412C‑54B‑DO (DC‑4)18330  09/06/1944SMONorthwest AL  ex 43‑17130 @ U S AFDestroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW01/06/1947   
N37478DC‑4 (civil C‑54)18390  14/11/1944SMODelta AL  ex 43‑17190 @ U S AFDestroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW10/03/1948   
N3422CV‑340‑3271  29/05/1953SANBraniff  Destroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW17/07/1955   
N79982C‑46D‑CU33564  09/04/1945BUFMonarch Air Svc ex 44‑78168 @ U S AFDestroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW04/01/1951   
NC25678DC‑3A‑197C2175   SMOUnited AL  Destroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW04/12/1940   
NC28383C‑49D‑DO (DC‑3)4091   SMOTrans World AL ex 42‑65583 @ U S AFDestroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW02/07/1946   
NC14979DC‑2‑1721409  SMOTrans World AL  Destroyed ( at MDW)Destroyed at MDW31/05/1936   

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