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Profile for: Buffalo Airways
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Buffalo Airways BVBVAUSA.MissouriWaco,TX; Kansas City,MO1982-1996
Formed by Farhad Azima (Global International) and became associated with ALG/Aviation Leasing Group.

Directory and Contact records for Buffalo Airways
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Buffalo Airways
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SubFleets for: Buffalo Airways
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Buffalo AWB.707B.707-320B     33- 
Buffalo AWB.707B.707-320C     1414-
Buffalo AWDC-8DC-8-50     11-
Buffalo AWDC-8DC-8-60     66-
Buffalo AWCL-44CL-44-O     11-
 TOTAL:     2525-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Buffalo Airways
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config Builtat1stFlight1stDelOperatorRegdDelParkedDeregdOwnersOpfOriginBecameStatusLast fltCanceledDestroyedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
N105BVB.707‑382B20297836 RNT1970-02-031970-02-13Buffalo AW    ex CS‑TBF @ TAP Air PortugalTo (U.S. Air Force 85-6974)Scrapped1998-02- 1998-02-    
N234FAB.707‑331C20069815  RNT1969-06-301969-07-16Buffalo AW   ex CC‑CUE @ Fast Air CarrierTo (World Brazilian Airlines PP-AJP)Scrapped2004-10- 2006-01-   
N202DJB.707‑321C20017753  RNT1968-10-031968-10-25Buffalo AW    leased from Jetlease Finance(Leased & Returned)Scrapped2004-06-17 2009-06-23   
N8405B.707‑323C19585668  RNT1968-01-161968-01-26Buffalo AW     To (Aero Amazonas Linhas Aereas PT-WJE)Scrapped  2005-01-   
N8404B.707‑323C19584663  RNT1967-12-291968-01-11Buffalo AW     To (Phoenix Air Cargo LZ-FEB)Destroyed  1995-11-30   
N2215YB.707‑351C19631634  RNT1967-10-051967-10-14Buffalo AW    ex 9Y‑TEJ @ BWIA West Indies AWTo (Jet Freight Pacific Jet Freight Pacific)Scrapped1994-10-07 1998  
N106BVB.707‑399C19415601  RNT1967-07-011967-07-13Buffalo AW   ex CS‑TBH @ TAP Air PortugalTo (Azerbaijan Airlines Avia 4K-AZ01)Scrapped2007 2009   
N106BVB.707‑399C19415601  RNT1967-07-011967-07-13Buffalo AW     ex CS‑TBH @ TAP Air PortugalTo (BAX Global Burlington Express)Scrapped2007 2009   
N861BXB.707‑338C19293546  RNT1966-12-291967-01-28Buffalo AW     ex G‑BFLE @ bmi British MidlandTo (Northrop Grumman N2178F)Stored      
N112BVB.707‑324C19350537  RNT1966-11-191966-12-02Buffalo AW    ex PP‑VLO @ VARIG-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Scrapped  2012   
N109BVB.707‑385C19433534  RNT1966-11-201966-12-06Buffalo AW    ex PP‑VLI @ VARIGTo (Ethiopian Airlines ET-AJZ)Destroyed  1991-03-25VARIG c/s, no titles  
N107BVB.707‑341C19321532  RNT1966-11-141966-12-28Buffalo AW    ex PP‑VJS @ VARIGTo (Azerbaijan Airlines Avia Cargo 4K-AZ3)Scrapped1999-03-312017-02-282002-02-27   
N110BVB.707‑324C19177513  RNT1966-07-221966-07-29Buffalo AW    ex PP‑VLN @ VARIGTo (Uganda Airlines 5X-UCM)Scrapped1997-02- 2004-06-29   
N46RTB.707‑382B18962501 RNT1966-06-011966-06-08Buffalo AW    ex CS‑TBB @ Air AtlantisTo (U.S. Navy 165343)Scrapped1999-12-2013-02-11 opf US Navy  
N45RTB.707‑382B18961456 RNT1965-12-021965-12-16Buffalo AW    ex CS‑TBA @ Air AtlantisTo (U.S. Navy 165342)Derelict2001-03-16  opf USN  
N108BVB.707‑323C18940439  RNT1965-08-111965-08-27Buffalo AW   ex PP‑VLP @ VARIGTo (Merchant Express Aviation 5N-MXX)Stored2007     
N161DBDC‑8‑61(F)459803741968-06-04LGB 1968-07-13Buffalo AW    leased from WFT(Leased & Returned)Derelict2004     
N865BXB.707‑321C18766372  RNT1964-04-301964-05-09Buffalo AW   ex HK‑1849 @ Avianca ColombiaTo (Race Aviation HR-AMZ)Scrapped1999 2000   
N923BVDC‑8‑61459433591968-05-14LGB 1968-05-19Buffalo AW    ex C‑GMXB @ NationairScrapped ( at MQY)Scrapped at MQY19932012-11-071998-07-20  
N915BVDC‑8‑61(F)459813521968-03-08LGB 1968-04-23Buffalo AW     ex N52845 @ Private users in USATo ( Airlines N184SK)Scrapped  2001-01-13   
N925BVDC‑8F‑54458853421968-02-01LGB 1968-03-19Buffalo AW    ex N7046G @ Avn Leasing GroupTo (Baku Express 4K-555)Destroyed  1997-11-18   
N922BVDC‑8‑62(F)459253331967-12-13LGB 1968-02-24Buffalo AW   ex CX‑BQN @ PLUNATo (Cargo Lion LX-TLB)Scrapped20012013-01-2006-04-07converted DC-8-62  
N924BVDC‑8‑62(F)459203191967-10-12LGB 1968-01-02Buffalo AW    ex C‑GMXY @ NationairTo (Civil 4K-AZ25)Scrapped2003 2010-09-18converted DC-8-62 
N914BVDC‑8‑61459123151967-09-22LGB 1967-12-09Buffalo AW   ex 5N‑HAS @ Aero PerĂºScrapped ((as 5N-HAS) at MIA)Scrapped at MIA19932012-09-051998conversion to DC-8-61F was cancelled 
EI-BNDCL‑44‑O16  YCV1961-07-241961-08-16Buffalo AW    ex N447T @ Avn Leasing GroupTo (Azerbaijan Airlines Avia Cargo 4K-GUP)Stored2003-04-182022-07-06    

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Current portfolios for Buffalo Airways
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Additional information on Buffalo Airways
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Buffalo Airways
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